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You Can Save The Planet One Mouthful At A Time


Welcome to my website, Foodie Things!

As consumers we need to become more aware of the impact that our food choices have on the environment. The changes that you make do not need to be drastic. Becoming a more conscious consumer can involve many small changes to your food choices and habits.

Some of the most simple changes you can make involve reducing your intake of meat and diary products, why not start with Meat Free Monday's?

Check out some of my favourite meat-free recipes here: Environmentally Friendly Recipes !

There are increasing pressures on natural environments, water and atmospheric pollution from increased meat and diary production. Environmental problems will only worsen if people do not begin to change their diets and attitudes towards animal products.

Check out my page on the environmental issues surrounding the standard western diet, Environmental Issues

Climate change is occuring now! You can not deny its alarming effect on rising ocean sea levels

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