About Me!

I am a normal consumer, just like you!


My name is Katie Henderson. I discovered my passion for food from a young age. I would always watch my mum cooking in the kitchen and would beg her to let me help.

My interest and passion for food lead me to the University of Otago. I am currently studying a degree in Consumer Food Science and Marketing. During my studies I discovered that there are a lot of issues with the food industry.

I currently live in Dunedin, New Zealand. In New Zealand we are very lucky to have a relatively environmentally conscious meat and diary industry. Similar industires around the globe are not as proactive about reducing their carbon footprint.

Such issues made me a lot more aware of the food choices I was making and how my choices could make such a huge difference. I have adopted a "flexitarian diet", which is a semi-vegetarian diet. Such a life-style is always critised by many. Some would argue, why would you bother? Others would argue that I am not doing enough. I see this system of food choice not as cheating but as making a conscious decision to reduce the impact that my food choices have on the environment. Any reduction in meat and diary consumption can play a huge role in protecting our environment.

I understand that behaviour change is very hard. Changing your eating habits is not an easy task, which is why small change to begin with can become much larger overtime. My motto is every little bit helps! I think it is unrealistic to expect everyone to give up meat and diary products. Such a drastic change to your diet is unlikely to last very long. Most people feel they do not want to give up meat and diary, including me! I love cheese, yoghurt and chicken. But instead of cutting these products out of my diet completely I have made a decision to reduce my intake of products which are more harmful to the environment to produce.

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